LOCUS       209370#pL1L2GT1_LF2A_nEGFPOT2A_CreERT2_pAbActNeopA        37964 bp    dna     linear   UNK 
ACCESSION   unknown
SOURCE      Mus musculus
  ORGANISM  Mus musculus
            Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
            Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia;
            Sciurognathi; Muroidea; Muridae; Murinae; Mus.
COMMENT     cassette: pL1L2GT1_LF2A_nEGFPOT2A_CreERT2_pAbActNeopA
COMMENT     design_id: 209370
COMMENT     transcript_id: ENSMUST00000087883
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     exon            5524..5818
     misc_feature    9046..15050
                     /note="5 arm"
     misc_feature    15078..15102
                     /note="B1 Gateway"
     misc_feature    16069..16086
                     /note="FCHK QC critical region"
     misc_feature    16053..16068
                     /note="FCHK QC prefix region"
     misc_feature    16087..16092
                     /note="FCHK QC suffix region"
     misc_feature    16215..16266
     misc_feature    16092..16214
     primer          15938..15959
                     /dnas_title="seq primer FCHK2"
                     /label=seq primer FCHK2
                     /note="seq primer FCHK2"
     exon            16038..16091
                     /dnas_title="mouse En2 exon"
                     /label=mouse En2 exon
                     /note="mouse En2 exon"
     misc_feature    17138..17138
                     /note=" A to G to kill RsRII site"
     misc_feature    17088..17141
                     /note="self-cleaving' 2A peptide"
     misc_feature    17142..18167
     misc_feature    16272..16361
                     /note="3X NLS"
     misc_feature    16362..17078
     primer          complement(15231..15252)
                     /dnas_title="LRPCR LAR3_EN2"
                     /label=LRPCR LAR3_EN2
                     /note="LRPCR LAR3_EN2"
     intron          15163..16037
                     /dnas_title="mouse En2 intron"
                     /label=mouse En2 intron
                     /note="mouse En2 intron"
     primer          complement(15127..15150)
     misc_feature    15115..15162
     misc_feature    19428..19435
     misc_recomb     19396..19427
     misc_feature    19388..19395
                     /dnas_title="RE sites"
                     /label=RE sites
     primer          19328..19346
                     /dnas_title="seq primer NF"
                     /label=seq primer NF
     primer          19202..19225
                     /dnas_title="LRPCR RAF5"
                     /label=LRPCR RAF5
     misc_feature    19145..19387
                     /dnas_title="SV40 pA"
                     /label=SV40 pA
     misc_feature    18177..19121
     misc_feature    20635..20635
                     /note="G to C conservative mutation to kill RsrII site"
     misc_feature    20983..21226
     misc_feature    21041..21064
     misc_feature    20790..20809
     misc_feature    20497..20515
     misc_feature    20160..20179
     misc_feature    19991..20976
                     /note="neomycin resistance "
     misc_feature    19841..19860
     promoter        19445..19965
                     /note="human beta actin promoter"
     insert          19142..21221
                     /source="pL1L2_GTIRES_BetactP FLFL MapVerified"
     misc_feature    21222..21226
                     /note="for bActNeo"
     misc_recomb     21228..21259
     misc_feature    21272..21292
                     /note="B2 Gateway"
     misc_feature    15051..21322
                     /note="Synthetic Cassette"
     exon            21691..21890
                     /note="target exon 1 ENSMUSE00001308813"
     exon            22136..22186
                     /note="target exon 2 ENSMUSE00001238656"
     exon            22600..22713
                     /note="target exon 3 ENSMUSE00000700263"
     misc_feature    21323..22834
                     /note="Critical Region"
     misc_feature    22858..22891
                     /note="Downstream LoxP"
     misc_feature    22835..22914
                     /note="synthetic loxP region"
     exon            23965..24039
     exon            25602..25655
     exon            26047..26100
     exon            26813..26866
     exon            27831..27884
     exon            28052..28105
     exon            28675..28728
     exon            29119..29163
     exon            29295..29348
     exon            30345..30389
     exon            30797..30850
     exon            31348..31446
     exon            31759..31803
     exon            31920..32018
     exon            32215..32268
     exon            32377..32484
     exon            33207..33260
     exon            33805..33903
     exon            34249..34302
     exon            34456..34554
     exon            34839..34892
     exon            35003..35056
     exon            35377..35430
     exon            35970..36023
     exon            36902..36946
     exon            37483..37581
     exon            37668..37775
     misc_feature    22915..27016
                     /note="3 arm"
        1 cattttgctt taagttaagt ataaattact aagtgtgtaa ttcatttaat gtttactcaa
       61 gagttggtga gttctttttt ttattgtttc tttttttttt acgtattttc ctcaataaca
      121 tttccaatgc tatcccaaaa gtcccccaca ccccccgcca ctcccctacc cacccattcc
      181 cattttttgg ccctggtgtt cccctgtact ggggcatata aagtttgcct gaccaatggg
      241 cctctctttc cactgatggc cgactaggcc atcttttgat acatatgcag ctagagtcaa
      301 gagctctggg gtactggtta gttcataatg ttgttccacc gatagggttg cagatctctt
      361 tagctccttg gatactttct ctagctcctc cattgggggc cctgtgatcc aaccaatagt
      421 tgactgtgag aatccacttc tgtgtttgct aggccccggc acctatggtc acttgatctt
      481 cgacaaggga gctaaaacca tccagtggaa gaaagacagc attttcaaca aatggtgctg
      541 gcacaactgg ttgttatcat gtagaagaat gcgaatcgac ccattcctct ctccttgtac
      601 taaggtcaaa tctaagtgga tcaaggaact ccacataaaa ccagagacac tgaaacttat
      661 agaggagaaa gtgggaaaaa gtctcgaaga tatgggcaca gggaaaaaat tcctgaatag
      721 aacagcaatg gcttgtgctt taagatcgag gattgacaaa tgggacctca tgaaactgca
      781 aagcttctgc aaggcaaaag acaccgtcaa taagacaaaa agaccaccaa cagattggga
      841 aaggatcttt acctatctta aatcagatag gggactaata tccaatatat ataaagaact
      901 caagagggtg gactccagaa aatcaaataa cccccttaaa agatggggct cagagctgaa
      961 caaagaattc tcacccgaga aataccgaaa ggatgagaaa catctgaaaa aatgttcaac
     1021 atccttaatc atcagagaaa tgcaaatcaa aacagccctg agattccatc tcacaccagt
     1081 cagagtggct aagataaaaa attcaggtga cagcagatgc tggcgaggat gtggagaaag
     1141 aggaacattc ctccattgct ggtgggattg caagcttgta caaccactct ggaaatcagt
     1201 ctggcggttc ctcagaaaat tggacatagt actaccggag gatccagcaa tacctctcct
     1261 gggcatatat ccagaagatg tcccaaccgg taagaaggac acatgctcca ctatgttcat
     1321 agcagcctta tttataatag ccagaagctg gaaagaaccc agatgcccct caaaagagga
     1381 atggatacaa aaaatgtggt acatttacac aatggaatat tactcagcta ctaaaaagaa
     1441 tgaatttaca aaattcctag gcaaatggag ttggtgagtt cttaacactt ggtaaataaa
     1501 ggggctgcca agcctgatga tccgggttct agccctggat ctcatgagat taggagagaa
     1561 atttgtcctt caacttacct gtgtatataa actacaacac actcatgcac acatatacac
     1621 acacagccac aggaacaaaa ctaaaacaaa atttacttaa atgcaatact aacaaccatt
     1681 atctcaaaca ttaatatgat aaaatcagaa atccaaataa tgatttctta aacaaaactg
     1741 atcacttact ctgactttat tcctttcttt ccatctcttt tagtgtcttc aaagagaaac
     1801 acaaaattat gtgccagatt tgtattcaca caatttctac attacaaaaa aaatatatac
     1861 ttgccacaat cagtgactaa ttcaagtgga aaacattttg aaaactttgg aaagtatgta
     1921 attaattcca attccagtga gtaacttgga gaggcacaca tctatttgaa ctttcttttc
     1981 aaaatgaagt aaatttcatc aaactcaaag ttagatattt agaatcatgg gtataataac
     2041 aattattcga ctaatagagc accatagagt tacttaatat ttccaaacta cttgatcaat
     2101 gtcaaagcaa tgtaaaattt ttgcaaaagt gagagtcaca aagaaaagac aactaagaga
     2161 gttatagtca caaaataaga ggacaatatt ctgtaccatg gggacatcac agtaaccaaa
     2221 ctattggctg ccatcttcag aactatttat ttgctgattt ttgaaactgt tgtttaattt
     2281 tggaaacttt atattcaagt ctttcagtcg tgtttttact tgtttgtttg tttttaaaga
     2341 cagggattct ctatagccct gactgttctg gactcattct gtagaccagg ctggccttga
     2401 actcagaaat tagcccgcct ctgcctccca agtgctacga ttaaaggtgt gctctaccac
     2461 cacccggcca agtctttcag ttataatatg agttttttca agactatctc tggatttaat
     2521 atgaacacat tattattaaa attattttta aatttcccta agatagtatc acccatgaac
     2581 actgaataga cagttccatc ttcttaggaa taacaaaagc ttacaattta ctcggtagtt
     2641 gtgtaggtaa ttagcagttc attctagcca ttctgccaac gattctgtat atttcatgac
     2701 tgacatctca ggtgtatttt aaagggtctt atggtgattc aaaatttcca aactgactat
     2761 aaaaataaat aaataaagta tacaacgtca tgaaacaaaa aaggagtgac aacacacaga
     2821 aggcatttag gggcaggagt ttggagtaga agtgatataa atatagtatg tatatgatct
     2881 acatatagtt tgcctcacaa agataatata tgattaaaat atttactcat ttattgtcac
     2941 aaatgaaact taagacaaag gaggtggaag aaaaggaaag aacagaaagt catgggcaga
     3001 ggaaaagaga aagagacaaa gagtggaggg agaacagagg gtgagagaca gagaagaagg
     3061 gacaggaaac ttgagtttca tgtgttttga aggatggaaa caattgattt tcttattgca
     3121 atccgttgct gagaacactg ctgacattcc ttagcgtgca aagttcatca cagctgggct
     3181 tacagcatct cccccaagca cagctttcca ctgaagactt gaattcttgg ttgataacct
     3241 gccacaccct tgctttgagt catctttcca gccattcttg cccagagaca aattgagcac
     3301 tgacttagct ggtgtagaaa cttatatttt tgacaagttt ccagatgtaa ataagaaact
     3361 aactttttca atgcatcttg ttcatatcag aaaagtgaca agtatatagg aagcaatttg
     3421 tgtaggtcac aacagtgctg gctttgcctg atatggtttc ccaggacaca tgtttcagcc
     3481 attgtaacaa tagctcactc agatcgacac ccatctggac actgcactat gaagcatttg
     3541 gatatgagga aaccaaagct ctaggacata gaacacaaag gcttgtgaag cagaacttcc
     3601 aaacacactc aaagtagaga agcatgataa atcatgcaat ctggaggatt agttctccag
     3661 gtctccccca aagccttaaa atggaacaat gcctagatct gcaaaaacat cagccatatg
     3721 tctgtagtga gtatatcaat caggaatctt tttcttatgc aaaaatgcta ctttaagaag
     3781 ttttataaac ttaaagaatg tgacaggaat tatgcatagc gttgatgaaa tagtgcatac
     3841 aaaattttta attagtacaa agtagcatta cgttttttca ctcagaaaaa taattctact
     3901 gacaattttc aataaatctc aatgtttgca ttttccattt agagtaaaga gagatgtact
     3961 tatatgtatt agcactggtt tttgtatact gcaaatatat gaaaaactta tgtttctaac
     4021 atggtttgaa cagacaaaaa ctttgaggta aaggatgaag actattaata gaaagacaca
     4081 tacatgtcgg tcctcaattt cttcacttta acccgagccc agccaatctc agaagttcta
     4141 ttccctgcct cttctggcag ctcttctcca atctgaaatc agaagatgca cagggggtgg
     4201 atttttgtcc tattttattg cttcttgtcg ccaaaagaca tcacttttct tccttgaaca
     4261 tctcagtgtg ggctctctgt gagcagggac acatggagga agacatagca ttatccatgc
     4321 ttatagcatt gatgtctata aaaacagatt tttaaaaata gtattatata ttaggaaaga
     4381 gaaaattata tataaaaaat aattctaaat gagatggttt tcctaaagag ggaagttttg
     4441 agctggatca ttaagaaata acatgaattg atataatggg gtaaattttt aagtgtgcat
     4501 gcacaaaaag ggaatatttc tatgaggtta agactaaaga aataaatgca catggccatg
     4561 attaggatca aaatgcccac gattgatttt taaagataaa tgaaggaata aggaagtgaa
     4621 ggatagggta tcaagatata agttggtcat cataataagg gtaacaagta cattttttct
     4681 acagagattt aatcagagat atagtggtat ttattcctca actagatcta gaaatacata
     4741 gaaaactctt cagatgaggt cttggaacag aaacatagaa aatactgatg tagacatatt
     4801 tgtagtaatt attacattag aaattagaaa ttctattcca cactttgaac tttctctttt
     4861 gtagtttctt acaaggacaa gacttgaaaa gtttgattgc ttttttttct ctttagtaat
     4921 gcctgttctg atttctttag taacacataa actggaaatt ttacaaggaa gcagtcaggg
     4981 ttgctaaaga aattcgtgag aaatagagca aggggaacag taacagataa gagtctcaat
     5041 atctcttcaa acatagctca aagacagttt tgtgacaatt gcctccagtc taacatttgg
     5101 aatgcagagt gggtggtgag ttcagggcct tcagaggatt ttcctttata gtctcttaca
     5161 gtttcctgtt aaaattgagt caggatggac tctggcaaaa ctcaaagtat cagagtcttc
     5221 tagaaagata aaatttacaa aatgaccatg ccggagaatg ggagtcaaaa cactttttca
     5281 aattcagaca gtttttactg tttcagaggg aaatttaaaa acacacaaac aattgttgta
     5341 ggctatcaca aagcacattc ctatgtgttt ctgtcatgca aatatgtatt taagactaat
     5401 gcatgttata aacatatgca taggctgatg tacacatgct ccagatgtgc tgtttctgtg
     5461 tctgtgggtt gtgtcctcta cacacaggga aaaatatatt aatcattgct tttactgctg
     5521 aggggatggg ttctgctctc atatttcaga aaggggctgg aaagtgaggg aagccaaact
     5581 ttttcctatt taaggccaga gcagagggaa gcgagcggct gagttttatg acgggcccgg
     5641 tgctgaaggg cagggacaac tgatggtgct actctgagct gcttcttcct ctctcctctt
     5701 ttgcacaaag agtctcatgt ctgatattta gacatgatga gctttgtgca aagtggaacc
     5761 tggtttcttc tcacccttct tcatcccact cttattttgg cacagcagtc caacgtaggt
     5821 aagtaggtac cgatttgaac aggctttctg ggttaatttt gccttaactt cttacaaagg
     5881 gtaagatagt gggaaaatca gcctcctaag aatttcctgt ctagcctctg actgtggaat
     5941 gttttgttaa ccttaatttt gttttctata tttgattttt ttaaaagtta atgtacatgt
     6001 ataatattct ctagttgttt aaggtaaaaa ctgttcttaa attaacttga tttcatgttc
     6061 accttttaaa aaatgtttta aagtactccc ctcctgcatt gtgaacatct tggcatgctc
     6121 ccaggccatc tggaatttat tggtctcttg taataatttc atgttctcct ttgtacactg
     6181 ctctctttac aaagatagga tatttagcca tgtttttcaa aagaatgcac tagaaatgtc
     6241 tctgaaatga ataaccctta agaagatact agaaaataaa tagaatccct tatgtatttc
     6301 tgtaaaacta taaatgtgga ctatctatgg accttccaga aatgagccca ggctgcaaaa
     6361 acgtgtcatt gtttctgttt ttattgcatt ccatgattgc acacattcaa tgtgctcaga
     6421 gtttgccaaa agttgtttta tgttctgttt agctggattt ccattactga agataacata
     6481 atttaacagg aatatttttg ctttcctcca aacaaggtaa agatacaagt tttgctcaaa
     6541 aaggcagact tgaaatagtt ttggtagcca aatgtaatga tctttatttt cttgtgcccc
     6601 aaattaaaag caactgtctc attatttact taaatacttt taaaaatgca tatgttcctt
     6661 gtcatcatga aaatttgggg tgcacacttt tttcaaaata attgtgttga tgtaaatctt
     6721 atctgtggct aaaagaagtt gctagcagtt cttttcatac ataatcaaac acgttggtat
     6781 ttaaaccttt agttttagca aatgcttcat gagcattcgt ttttccactg tgtgcagtgt
     6841 cttcactagt ttcagaagtt atctatgcaa gagtaaggga aggagacact ttatatttct
     6901 gtatgttcag tccacagata cacagagaag gagctcccag attgcttgtt tcttaattct
     6961 gttcccctta acccaccctt ccatccccct ccatctttcc cccctcctta tctctccacc
     7021 ccttttggct ccttaggaac tcccctccca attttccttc ctcactcatc acccctcccc
     7081 catcctaggc ttatccacct ccctcccccc accccagtcc tcacccctcc ctgttctcag
     7141 tgactcactc tctgcttccc atctttattt tcatcctctc tcctccccag ctcatcttac
     7201 attttctttt ctttggatag tcaattcctt tttagctttc ttttttcact ttctcttcac
     7261 atcctgccct cctggaagat gaaacaaccc caagccttcc ctattaatag gagacatgat
     7321 ccaaagaaat gttaattcct tagcagccca aacttttatt ctgaaatcta gatgaagaat
     7381 catagaatct taattttttt taaagaaaga aagacagaca gaaagaaaga cagacagaca
     7441 gacagaaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaaga aagaaaggaa
     7501 ggaaggaagg aagaaaggaa ggaaggaaga aacctatgtc tttgggacat taattaaaat
     7561 atcaacatag tatctatagt ttcttaacag ttaaagtaat atgagaaata ctataggaac
     7621 agtgggtgtg tttcttccca atctaactcc agtaagaaga gaaacatgtt tggttctcac
     7681 catcttaaca tcatcctaag ctcatttgct tccacctttg ggctatggtc tttaaaactc
     7741 caagaaggat aaaaaggatt taagatcata tatttcacat tccttgcagg tttttagtga
     7801 aaatcctact gaatgattaa ctttgaggag atttcagtaa gtagcagaca ttcagcacac
     7861 tgggaacact cagagaactc taaaggggtt atctcctatg ttctccagaa atcctagaag
     7921 tcgtacagaa ttgctagaca ctaacttctg ggagttttct ggaatatgaa acatgtctcc
     7981 acaaagaatt cttgtctctt tacaaatctg tgcaagtctt actttattca tgccttttat
     8041 ttcagctacg gaaaaaacgt ggtctgtttt atatttcctg tggtttttaa gcatgctgga
     8101 tttttaagtg ctaaaccatg ccacctagtg gctaacaaag acaccatttc cataaccatc
     8161 gccaacatga ctcttgcacc acaggatcct catatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg
     8221 tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgtgcg tgcgcgcacg cgtgtccgtg
     8281 gggggggggg agacagagag agagagagag agagttttaa aaactaaaca ttccttttat
     8341 aagtaaaata attagataat gaaatgttac cagacataag aatacacaaa caaactggta
     8401 atatattgtg agacttttgg aaatgaatgt caaaataata gacagtttcc agccaggcat
     8461 ggtgacacag accttcattc ccagctactt gggaggctga gtgtagatga atacaagtcc
     8521 aaagtcttcc tgagttcaat gtgagtgtct gaatgagagt gagactcttg tctcaaaatg
     8581 aaaagtttat agaagtctgg agatgcaggt cagtggtaga gagcttttcc agagcatatg
     8641 acgccctagc ctcaatctcc aatactgtca aagaaaagat agaaacttat ctaaattcat
     8701 tgcatcattt tttaaatgta tttttcctac tcattggcta atatcatcct tgcttaatat
     8761 ttgcattctg ctgactatag gtccataaat agatgttagt aatattgctt ccttaggaca
     8821 gggacaaaaa actaaatgtc ttctaaagtt taagcttcta cattttgcta tgttgataat
     8881 atcacaaaaa ttaactgtga accatgaact gatttgtgat ttcaaaactg taaatggact
     8941 gagagaatga actcttgttt catatttttt agtttatttc tcattatgtt taaaaaggaa
     9001 aattatagct aagattaaca tttacatttt ctcttgtttg tgttgtccga attactaatc
     9061 acatagaacc aatggaataa aatgtattac aaagtcacgg tagtaacctt acttctaaca
     9121 gaagaaaata cacaattatg tacatattta aatatcagtc atgtaaccta cagtgtgttt
     9181 gtaaagctta aaaacaggaa tggatgaata gtttagtact gaaactaaaa tttaatgaaa
     9241 tactacatga tttgagaaca aaagcataaa ccttgaacat ctgccttttt ttacttttgt
     9301 aagtatttgt aaataataga gattccaagt tccataccat ttttgaaaat ttatttataa
     9361 agtttttttt taatggtagt ccttttttct attccttact caatttttaa caaattaatc
     9421 tggtttatta agcaaaaggc tcaggagcta atgacttaac cagaaattat cattctttct
     9481 gtaaaaatgt acattgtaag taaataaagt attaccaata caagattttg ttgtttctat
     9541 tcataacccc cttttatttc ctcagcatct caacagtact cagaatgatg ggtaaagggc
     9601 ctataacaga ccctgcatca catttagatc taggatggac cagtcaagca ttgtagaaga
     9661 gagcaagtct tcggaaacca tgctgggagg gagaagtgga gaggaaaggc ccattaatga
     9721 gtgcagattc ttcggtgact tgcctttgga tttctttttt aaaagatttg tccagaacta
     9781 taggagatgc taaaagaaag caaggcctca ttagaaaggc ctgtttcata tctacaggct
     9841 cagaccaggc ctggagtggt aactcagaaa agactgccaa ccactgaagc tctgtggtga
     9901 ccactgagga tgactgtccc tagtgccggg ttcctatgtg tactttgtga caggcaataa
     9961 ctgataacgc caccttgaag ccattaaagt gattgcttgt aagtcagagc cgggaagatc
    10021 aaagatgagc ttgcctttgc tggacctggc agacactaaa gcttcgggta cactgtgact
    10081 ttctggcaat gtgtgtgagc taattctcat aaaatgtttc gttctgtttc ttagagctaa
    10141 aagcttagtg tcattatttt ccatgcttag gaaaaaaaaa aatccacatt gttttttttt
    10201 ttaatccaaa agttttaaag gaggaaactt tgcctgtcag gaaagcagtg gaaactctga
    10261 gctagctctg cacagcagtc gtttgttagc tgcactttgg agagttacat taaccactag
    10321 aagttctgtc tgtgcctaac aaaaacatag cccaagtgga ttcctttcag attaactaat
    10381 caaagccttg ctttttccat ggctgaggtc aagccctgcc atttcaaatg taatctcaat
    10441 gaacaaaacg gaaagttcaa atggaagaaa tactaaaatt gccccaaaga agaaattgcc
    10501 acaactaatc caaaacttat taatagttaa attagctttg ataattagca ttgaaggatg
    10561 actttctcag ttaacatagt tgtgagacat tttttgttct tatgtttgtt attgtagagg
    10621 ccaacaagct atgtttctca cagaaacact ttatgatgtt gcacagaatt tatagtgccc
    10681 aagtagcatt caaaggagac ttgtgctcaa gttagaagtt aacaaatgca aatcaagcaa
    10741 aaactatagt ttttgaatag tagtgcctta gccatcctaa atacatctat gtatctgatg
    10801 aagaatgttt atgtttgttt ttgtcagtct tagtgcctgg cttccaagtc acacattcat
    10861 cttgctggtg gtctggatcc catcagggtg gccttggaaa tacaagcctt tttcataagg
    10921 tcaagagaaa taaacagtag gattccactc cagatggtat cttcccattt taagattaga
    10981 gaaaaaaaag acattttgga gatcactgtt attccttaaa aaaaaaaaaa tctgtctgca
    11041 tactcgagag ggtacagagt tcacaaacca tctgggacag ggcactgaaa caggtctctt
    11101 tcattctata gtatccttga aagcagtaaa aacataatgg agttaggagt atcagatttt
    11161 agaaaagcat actagattca aatctgaatt cctttaagta ttttacctgg ataattactc
    11221 agtttgaccc agattctttg tgtgcattca ggattgtgac agcattcagc tcaaaacatg
    11281 caggaaggag atcataaaat tgatataaac catcaggtat agtgatgaac acctgcattc
    11341 ccagcagtcg aatgcagtga tacacaacgg catttcgagc agtttgatat tagtgatgca
    11401 tacctgcatt gctagccgtc tgcacctatg ttcccagcaa tctgaaacct tggagcaagg
    11461 actgtggttt caaggctagc ctggtggcat ctataatttg aaagaaaaga aaaagatgtc
    11521 agccactcaa gagtagtacc tagaacagag gcttgatcta tcattcgttt gccaagtact
    11581 gtcaactacc atgacaccgt gaaaagaatt aaagtatcat gtaatgatag gaaagattac
    11641 atgaacatct gcattctcaa agtataaaac taaagttgct acacagtaaa ttaaatatat
    11701 taaatatttt cataatttgg taggatccat tatagatgta tttcgatgat tatacatact
    11761 ttacttttcc atttatctat ttttattttg gcaaaataaa tatcaatcaa gttgtaggaa
    11821 aagtttaggg acataaaaag catgtgccta tacagaataa aacaaagaaa cacctaagca
    11881 tcattcattt agttttcttg gtggaaagta gaataaccag aatctaccta gccatgtaaa
    11941 acaacactta aaaatgcact tcatttctat ttcaaaagac tgtctcttca gcatctctgt
    12001 gctgatgcta gaaaggtggc tcaggagtgc agagtgcgtc ctgcacttgc agaggtccca
    12061 aggtcagctt tgagcatctt actttattac gttgtccaga attgaaaatg caattgtatt
    12121 tatttaatat ttcttacaaa agtattcagc ttcctcttta tcaaagtttc tgtgaacaca
    12181 gcaccctaat aagtgaaagg gacactgtga ggtaacttag tcccgcatgg caggtgttat
    12241 cctatcttta aatgctgcaa agcatagagc attccaggaa atgtcctctt tccctgcttt
    12301 acaataactt cccaagttag atactgaagc tggagtcatg aggtacatat atcataggct
    12361 cagcttctgg tatcctacat tggtaacagt agattgcctt gtatgaggtg atgaatcaga
    12421 agaagttgtg caacgccccc tttttaggca aagatgacta agataaatag gaagtgctag
    12481 ctttcagatg caagatctac ttgtgacttt tcagaatctg atgtttcaag catgccatct
    12541 ttgtttcaag gggacatgaa gtaagtctgg gcaacaaatt agattcatta tttcttattt
    12601 tttagacatt ccaagtttat ttatgtagaa caacacaact ttctaaagca aaagaccata
    12661 tgcaatatca ttgtaaatgt tctgagcaga ttaaaagaaa gaactcaccc caaaaattga
    12721 ggttacatta ggattacaat ggtggtctct agaggcaaag ggcaggagaa gaatcgagga
    12781 ttgcgcagaa tgggtgccaa tgagaattga ccattagata acaccaaaaa tattctggtg
    12841 tagaactaca cagtaggaca acttctagca ataaaagtgt gtagtgtatt ttaaaggcta
    12901 ggtggaagta ttttcaaagg ttttaccata aattacaaat ttttgaggag ataaatatgc
    12961 ttaatctgga ttaaacataa tattggttta tatgtgtcaa tataatacat gagactccat
    13021 taaggtgtag ggtttttaca acttgatata ttaattaaag tgaagtaaaa atgtttttaa
    13081 aatataagaa gtaaagatgt actaagatcc actgaccatt atgttgaaat ctctacactt
    13141 taaaaaccac tcaataagat ttctaagaaa aacttagaaa caggaagcca aataacagtt
    13201 ttctatcatg taaccctggg tttaacatat tcatttaagc ttttaatgag tcagcgtaaa
    13261 cattccaaac aaataacaaa cactgtcttt cttctgatgt gagaatacct tcaatgaggt
    13321 atacacttgt gaagaagaat gcatgagaaa aacgtttcat ggtatttcta aggtcatata
    13381 aaatatatga tgttttttaa aatatgagga atttaaatct attttaatta tattttaaat
    13441 aaaataataa ttttaataat tattataatg aaataataaa atgattttaa atttatttta
    13501 atgtatttta ttgtagtttt actttttaaa gtatccatta gttcctttta ataacctgca
    13561 cactttatta aatgtggcaa aatatttctc atgcaaaaat aaatttttga aagaatcatt
    13621 agctcaattt actagtattt taagagttga gatcaggcag tttgatgtcc acatgttcat
    13681 gtggaatatc ctaaattgaa gctaatcaaa tgagtatgtg tcagtctaat acagagcatc
    13741 attttttatt cacattaaag aaggaggacc catgagaaga ttttagtgtt ttcactgata
    13801 atcttttatt tcagcacttt aatttcattt tttcttaaat acaaaatatc agttctaggt
    13861 aaatatacat ggggttagga cttagctttt ttctttaaaa cagcacccca gacagccctg
    13921 catcaattac tctgaggtat tcagtttggt atttagcttt tacaatcatt aagaatgaag
    13981 ttgtggtctt taaagcctta ggaatatctg tcctgttctc acagtctgtt acagacatca
    14041 gaggaggatc taagacaact ttgctatcta acacagtttg gttagtttgt cttggtttgg
    14101 tttggtttgg tttggtttgg tttggtttgg tttggtttgg tttggtttga ctgtattgtc
    14161 tttgttactt attgaaaatg tctaaactgt ctttgactgg ctgttaaatc agtacattgt
    14221 taagataaaa aataaatctt acttcataca agaagcttga gctatttaat gacatgatta
    14281 aagtagtatt ggcatacata cataaaagag aattagaagc aactctgtag tctatacaga
    14341 ctggatgttc tgaaatttgt cttattgtat ttaagattta gattattaat ggttttagat
    14401 tactcaaagt atctaaatat gaagataggg aattagaaat tttaaattat aattgggctt
    14461 atgagaaaat aaagttttac tctctgagaa aatgtaaaag aactcagaaa ggcattgctt
    14521 atattcaaaa ttatttgcag atgtttgaaa acttattatt tattcattca ttattggcaa
    14581 actctcatag caattttcaa gctgcattta accatactac acagttaaca tttcaagaat
    14641 tcaggccagg ttttattttg gcatgactta agttgattca ctgtaaatga ctgctgaaat
    14701 ttcaatttct tatatataat taagaaccaa gtctaaaatt ttggttgaag gtatttctct
    14761 tgccatagta agccacaaat acacaaacca tcattcgtac ttcccctatt atttttactt
    14821 attcattgtc aatatttgtt ttaaagtatc actttatttt ggggcatttg gaaaactctt
    14881 ttgttcttgt atgatataca acacattatg tgatataata ctgacccact aatgtccaac
    14941 agagtgagca gtgacattca acacaaatca gctttgttag ttctcccagg acaatatgga
    15001 agaggtttat actgccaaga ttagctcaat ttttccatgg atttttgaag aaggcgcata
    15061 acgataccac gatatcaaca agtttgtaca aaaaagcagg ctggcgccgg aaccgaagtt
    15121 cctattccga agttcctatt ctctagaaag tataggaact tcgaaccctt tcccacacca
    15181 ccctccacac ttgccccaaa cactgccaac tatgtaggag gaaggggttg ggactaacag
    15241 aagaacccgt tgtggggaag ctgttgggag ggtcacttta tgttcttgcc caaggtcagt
    15301 tgggtggcct gcttctgatg aggtggtccc aaggtctggg gtagaaggtg agagggacag
    15361 gccaccaagg tcagcccccc ccccctatcc cataggagcc aggtccctct cctggacagg
    15421 aagactgaag gggagatgcc agagactcag tgaagcctgg ggtaccctat tggagtcctt
    15481 caaggaaaca aacttggcct caccaggcct cagccttggc tcctcctggg aactctactg
    15541 cccttgggat ccccttgtag ttgtgggtta cataggaagg gggacgggat tccccttgac
    15601 tggctagcct actcttttct tcagtcttct ccatctcctc tcacctgtct ctcgaccctt
    15661 tccctaggat agacttggaa aaagataagg ggagaaaaca aatgcaaacg aggccagaaa
    15721 gattttggct gggcattcct tccgctagct tttattggga tcccctagtt tgtgataggc
    15781 cttttagcta catctgccaa tccatctcat tttcacacac acacacacca ctttccttct
    15841 ggtcagtggg cacatgtcca gcctcaagtt tatatcacca cccccaatgc ccaacacttg
    15901 tatggccttg ggcgggtcat cccccccccc acccccagta tctgcaacct caagctagct
    15961 tgggtgcgtt ggttgtggat aagtagctag actccagcaa ccagtaacct ctgccctttc
    16021 tcctccatga caaccaggct cccaggtccc gaaaaccaaa gaagaagaac gcagatcgca
    16081 gatcgcagat ctctagagtc accgagttgc tttaccggat gaagagggcc gaaacatact
    16141 gtccaaggcc cttgctggca atccacccaa ctgaagccag acacaaacag aaaattgtgg
    16201 caccggtgaa acagactttg aattttgacc ttctcaagtt ggcgggagac gtcgagtcca
    16261 accccggacc ggtgcatgtg gaccccaaga aaaagcggaa ggtggaccct aaaaagaaac
    16321 gcaaagtgga tcctaagaaa aaaagaaagg tgcacgtgtc catggtgtcc aagggcgagg
    16381 aactgttcac cggcgtggtg cccatcctgg tggaactgga tggcgacgtg aacggccaca
    16441 agttcagcgt gtccggcgag ggcgaaggcg acgccacata cggaaagctg accctgaagt
    16501 tcatctgcac caccggcaag ctgcccgtgc cttggcctac cctcgtgacc acactgacct
    16561 acggcgtgca gtgcttcagc agataccccg accatatgaa gcagcacgac ttcttcaaga
    16621 gcgccatgcc cgagggctac gtgcaggaaa gaaccatctt ctttaaggac gacggcaact
    16681 acaagaccag ggccgaagtg aagttcgagg gcgacaccct cgtgaacaga atcgagctga
    16741 agggcatcga cttcaaagag gacggcaaca tcctgggcca caagctggag tacaactaca
    16801 acagccacaa cgtgtacatc atggccgaca agcagaaaaa cggcatcaaa gtgaacttca
    16861 agatccggca caacatcgag gacggctccg tgcagctggc cgaccactac cagcagaaca
    16921 cccctatcgg cgacggccct gtgctgctgc ctgacaacca ctacctgagc acccagagcg
    16981 ccctgagcaa ggaccccaac gagaagaggg accacatggt gctgctggaa ttcgtgaccg
    17041 ccgctggcat caccctgggc atggacgagc tgtacaagcc tgcaggcgag ggcagaggaa
    17101 gtcttctaac atgcggtgac gtggaggaga atcccgggcc gtccaattta ctgaccgtac
    17161 accaaaattt gcctgcatta ccggtcgatg caacgagtga tgaggttcgc aagaacctga
    17221 tggacatgtt cagggatcgc caggcgtttt ctgagcatac ctggaaaatg cttctgtccg
    17281 tttgccggtc gtgggcggca tggtgcaagt tgaataaccg gaaatggttt cccgcagaac
    17341 ctgaagatgt tcgcgattat cttctatatc ttcaggcgcg cggtctggca gtaaaaacta
    17401 tccagcaaca tttgggccag ctaaacatgc ttcatcgtcg gtctgggctg ccacgaccaa
    17461 gtgacagcaa tgctgtttca ctggttatgc ggcggatccg aaaagaaaac gttgatgccg
    17521 gtgaacgtgc aaaacaggct ctagcgttcg aacgcactga tttcgaccag gttcgttcac
    17581 tcatggaaaa tagcgaccgc tgccaggata taaggaatct ggcatttctg gggattgctt
    17641 ataacaccct gttacgtata gccgaaattg ccaggatcag ggttaaagat atctcacgta
    17701 ctgacggtgg gagaatgtta atccatattg gcagaacgaa aacgctggtt agcaccgcag
    17761 gtgtagagaa ggcacttagc ctgggggtaa ctaaactggt cgagcgatgg atttccgtct
    17821 ctggtgtagc tgatgatccg aataactacc tgttttgccg ggtcagaaaa aatggtgttg
    17881 ccgcgccatc tgccaccagc cagctatcaa ctcgcgccct ggaagggatt tttgaagcaa
    17941 ctcatcgatt gatttacggc gctaaggatg actctggtca gagatacctg gcctggtctg
    18001 gacacagtgc ccgtgtcgga gccgcgcgag atatggcccg cgctggagtt tcaataccgg
    18061 agatcatgca agctggtggc tggaccaatg taaatattgt catgaactat atccgtaacc
    18121 tggatagtga aacaggggca atggtgcgcc tgctggaaga tggcgatctc gagccatctg
    18181 ctggagacat gagagctgcc aacctttggc caagcccgct catgatcaaa cgctctaaga
    18241 agaacagcct ggccttgtcc ctgacggccg accagatggt cagtgccttg ttggatgctg
    18301 agccccccat actctattcc gagtatgatc ctaccagacc cttcagtgaa gcttcgatga
    18361 tgggcttact gaccaacctg gcagacaggg agctggttca catgatcaac tgggcgaaga
    18421 gggtgccagg ctttgtggat ttgaccctcc atgatcaggt ccaccttcta gaatgtgcct
    18481 ggctagagat cctgatgatt ggtctcgtct ggcgctccat ggagcaccca gtgaagctac
    18541 tgtttgctcc taacttgctc ttggacagga accagggaaa atgtgtagag ggcatggtgg
    18601 agatcttcga catgctgctg gctacatcat ctcggttccg catgatgaat ctgcagggag
    18661 aggagtttgt gtgcctcaaa tctattattt tgcttaattc tggagtgtac acatttctgt
    18721 ccagcaccct gaagtctctg gaagagaagg accatatcca ccgagtcctg gacaagatca
    18781 cagacacttt gatccacctg atggccaagg caggcctgac cctgcagcag cagcaccagc
    18841 ggctggccca gctcctcctc atcctctccc acatcaggca catgagtaac aaaggcatgg
    18901 agcatctgta cagcatgaag tgcaagaacg tggtgcccct ctatgacctg ctgctggagg
    18961 cggcggacgc ccaccgccta catgcgccca ctagccgtgg aggggcatcc gtggaggaga
    19021 cggaccaaag ccacttggcc actgcgggct ctacttcatc gcattccttg caaaagtatt
    19081 acatcacggg ggaggcagag ggtttccctg ccacagcttg atgaagatct gagctcttaa
    19141 ttaatgatca taatcagcca tatcacatct gtagaggttt tacttgcttt aaaaaacctc
    19201 ccacacctcc ccctgaacct gaaacataaa atgaatgcaa ttgttgttgt taacttgttt
    19261 attgcagctt ataatggtta caaataaagc aatagcatca caaatttcac aaataaagca
    19321 tttttttcac tgcattctag ttgtggtttg tccaaactca tcaatgtatc ttatcatgtc
    19381 tggatccgtt taaactaact ttaaataatt ggcattattt aaagttacat atggcggcca
    19441 attcgccttc tgcaggagcg tacagaaccc agggccctgg cacccgtgca gaccctggcc
    19501 caccccacct gggcgctcag tgcccaagag atgtccacac ctaggatgtc ccgcggtggg
    19561 tggggggccc gagagacggg caggccgggg gcaggcctgg ccatgcgggg ccgaaccggg
    19621 cactgcccag cgtgggcgcg ggggccacgg cgcgcgcccc cagcccccgg gcccagcacc
    19681 ccaaggcggc caacgccaaa actctccctc ctcctcttcc tcaatctcgc tctcgctctt
    19741 tttttttttc gcaaaaggag gggagagggg gtaaaaaaat gctgcactgt gcggcgaagc
    19801 cggtgagtga gcggcgcggg gccaatcagc gtgcgccgtt ccgaaagttg ccttttatgg
    19861 ctcgagcggc cgcggcggcg ccctataaaa cccagcggcg cgacgcgcca ccaccgccga
    19921 gaccgcgtcc gccccgcgag cacagagcct cgcctttgcc gatcctctag agtcgagatc
    19981 cgccgccacc atgattgaac aagatggatt gcacgcaggt tctccggccg cttgggtgga
    20041 gaggctattc ggctatgact gggcacaaca gacaatcggc tgctctgatg ccgccgtgtt
    20101 ccggctgtca gcgcaggggc gcccggttct ttttgtcaag accgacctgt ccggtgccct
    20161 gaatgaactg caggacgagg cagcgcggct atcgtggctg gccacgacgg gcgttccttg
    20221 cgcagctgtg ctcgacgttg tcactgaagc gggaagggac tggctgctat tgggcgaagt
    20281 gccggggcag gatctcctgt catctcacct tgctcctgcc gagaaagtat ccatcatggc
    20341 tgatgcaatg cggcggctgc atacgcttga tccggctacc tgcccattcg accaccaagc
    20401 gaaacatcgc atcgagcgag cacgtactcg gatggaagcc ggtcttgtcg atcaggatga
    20461 tctggacgaa gagcatcagg ggctcgcgcc agccgaactg ttcgccaggc tcaaggcgcg
    20521 catgcccgac ggcgaggatc tcgtcgtgac ccatggcgat gcctgcttgc cgaatatcat
    20581 ggtggaaaat ggccgctttt ctggattcat cgactgtggc cggctgggtg tggccgaccg
    20641 ctatcaggac atagcgttgg ctacccgtga tattgctgaa gagcttggcg gcgaatgggc
    20701 tgaccgcttc ctcgtgcttt acggtatcgc cgctcccgat tcgcagcgca tcgccttcta
    20761 tcgccttctt gacgagttct tctgagcggg actctggggt tcgaaatgac cgaccaagcg
    20821 acgcccaacc tgccatcacg agatttcgat tccaccgccg ccttctatga aaggttgggc
    20881 ttcggaatcg ttttccggga cgccggctgg atgatcctcc agcgcgggga tctcatgctg
    20941 gagttcttcg cccacccccc ggatctaagc tctagataag taatgatcat aatcagccat
    21001 atcacatctg tagaggtttt acttgcttta aaaaacctcc cacacctccc cctgaacctg
    21061 aaacataaaa tgaatgcaat tgttgttgtt aacttgttta ttgcagctta taatggttac
    21121 aaataaagca atagcatcac aaatttcaca aataaagcat ttttttcact gcattctagt
    21181 tgtggtttgt ccaaactcat caatgtatct tatcatgtct ggatccctaa ctttaaataa
    21241 tgccaattat ttaaagttag gaattaattc acccagcttt cttgtacaaa gtggttgata
    21301 tctctatagt cgcagtaggc ggcccatatg ttattagaac atagaagagc aattgggtaa
    21361 aactgttcat ttccagctgc ataagtaata gacaagagtt tgaatgttat ctactggtgt
    21421 taagcttttt aatgtaaatg aagtaaaaac aattgatttg atgaaaaatt gcactgtgcc
    21481 aattttatga taacaagtag ttccttggta catagaaaat atagagggga aacattatct
    21541 attctgaatg aaagaagagc atttcttgtt ccaaactttc ttcactttaa ctctttttgt
    21601 aaatagtcat tactgcacaa ccaaaaccaa atgtacattt tgtcaaaaca tttcttaaat
    21661 tgccatatct tctcatttat cttcccacag atgaattggg atgcagccac cttggtcagt
    21721 cctatgagtc tagagatgtc tggaagccag aaccatgtca aatatgtgtc tgtgactcag
    21781 gatctgtcct ttgcgatgac ataatctgtg atgaggagcc actagactgc cccaacccag
    21841 agatcccatt tggagaatgt tgtgcaatat gcccacagcc ttctacacct gtgagtctgt
    21901 agaatatata aactcttcaa aatctacatc ttcaagaacc atatttaaac atgtaaatag
    21961 tctctactgc atagaggtct gaaagaaatg caagccatgt ctgttgccat gacaagtgaa
    22021 tggtgtcact tttaacagaa agcaggagat tgggtataat cagatttaag aaataaagat
    22081 gtaaattgtg ctacagttta catatattaa tctctatatt ctttatatgt tataggctcc
    22141 tgtgcttcct gatggccatg gacctcaagg ccccaaggga gatccggtaa gtaacatctc
    22201 cccaaggaca atagttgcta acgacatttc tagaaaaggc tggttttcct tgttccaact
    22261 gaattttcat cattctgaat tttcttctgt cctaagtata tgaaaatgat ggcaaactca
    22321 tactgaatgt ctataactga tcacatatgt aaaggttcag ttttcccaag tttgaaagtc
    22381 ttcaaccctt tttccatttt aaagagaaaa tgtaggtcat gatataaagg aaaacgataa
    22441 accattattc ataagactta gtttgaaata tacttatgcc taaggacaga ttattgtact
    22501 gataactagt ttggtaaagc atagaaaaat tcctaataat gattctgaac cacttcatgt
    22561 tttctctgtt ttgttgtttt gttttccttg ttttgttagg gtcctcctgg cattcctggg
    22621 agaaatggtg accctggcct tccaggacaa ccaggtctcc ctgggcctcc tggctcccct
    22681 ggaatctgtg aatcatgtcc aactggtggc caagtaagaa attacagaat taaattctct
    22741 tctatataag tgcctgagtt tgtcattgtt tggtctatat ttttatctca taatggcaac
    22801 ttctgtcctc tagttttcta tatttataaa acccgagatg gcgcaacgca attaatgata
    22861 acttcgtata gcatacatta tacgaagtta tggtctgagc tcgccatcag ttcatattca
    22921 actgtcatca tgtaatacaa ttgctactat atccttctaa agtttcccaa tttctcaaca
    22981 tgtccacatt acactcacta ggtttgataa acagactatt agctcctaaa atagttatct
    23041 tagagtattt aggaagtgcg ataattacag gcaattccct aatcttatcc aagcacaaat
    23101 ggcaaagact tacaaggctg ggcactaaac agctgctcca aaaactgcct attgaattca
    23161 tataaacaga gttgcccgtg cttctgtgca gcctttaatg cacatctttt tcccttctga
    23221 tttagggcaa ccaatcagtc taggaataaa ataaataact aagaacataa acattgtaaa
    23281 gttctgctgt atgggtttac acgaacttat aaaactgtac aaaccaatat gtatgattta
    23341 taaaaggtat tttccaaaac aattcagcag caaggagcat cctagaaatc aaatagagcc
    23401 gagctagccc tagaactcaa agcaagctct gagcctttct gatttgtttt attgtttaca
    23461 atgattcatg actgaagttc agcttttatt ttattaaatc ataggcatgg catatatata
    23521 atatatatat atatataatt ttattgactt cttgaaaaat aattttaata cccatttttc
    23581 gtcagatatt agaaacttgg attttgttgc ttcaaagtta ttttgtcctc aaatattgga
    23641 ggattctgtg tatagtgcta taacaattgt gtagaaataa tggtttcagt aataacattt
    23701 gagaccaaat tgaagaggac agttttgttt aatatctaaa gttaaaatct cctccataca
    23761 ttacacaagc aagcatttct atagtgtgtc taatatttaa agccataaaa tgaaacaata
    23821 agcaagatat acatatcata tatgacatgc agaaatgtca gtgaacagta catgttacac
    23881 acactaacta caaatgcttt ggaaaataac tatgatcttt gtattaatgt gatctgatct
    23941 atgtacttaa cccttttgct acagaattat tctccccaat tcgactcata tgatgtcaag
    24001 tctggagtgg gaggaatggg tggctatccg ggaccagctg taagtacaaa tgtttctgag
    24061 tgttttcaag tatcacactg cctttgtttc ttctagaaat acaatgttgg catgcaattg
    24121 tacaaaaaga ttcattgact actaaggttg gaagagaaaa cagcaacctg tccatgattt
    24181 ttctatccta actcattccc tccctgtggc gttttatgtc attccatatt gctgcttcct
    24241 aatgcccacc tgtactaggg ctttttccac caccatgctc tggtccgttc ttttttcatc
    24301 taatgtgtaa ctaaatgtag ttttgttagg gattgcttct actttacatc ctctcaccca
    24361 agttgcatct tttttcatct tgttcactga tttttacatt ctaaatgaag tttaagtcat
    24421 gaatgtccta tatcacagtc tgtttttcat tcgggtttta aatccagcat tagcatcttt
    24481 agaatgcatt gatcttttat gttccactac cataaacaat acctcaacct tgacagtaat
    24541 gggctttcaa aactttctaa atgaccgaga attttagtaa cagaaaagag caaaaagttt
    24601 gaaaactgga tttgaagtca ccgatgttgg tgacttttgc tttggaatag ctctcaggaa
    24661 gtacaacaat attgaaccct ataattcaga gaaagatcag cataaataaa tacagtatag
    24721 catatatttg tcaaggtaaa gaaaaaattt ttatcagtaa atccaaagta cctacaaaag
    24781 agtactgtat ttggtataaa agaaattgaa atatatattt cttctacagt ttttgatatg
    24841 atttttaaaa ctatttgaaa atcaaatgga gattatatta tatttgtaaa tattggttat
    24901 tattacactc atgttataaa tcctccctta aaagattaac aaaaccaaat aaaactacaa
    24961 tttattgaca tttcagagag ataacctaaa gttaagttaa aattttgtta tcagaatata
    25021 aaaatagtat aaatctgttt ttctagtttg gtgtgaattt ctgaataatg tctagataaa
    25081 tttgttttaa gttgtgagtg ccccatgcat aatgattcat gtttatatct aaatcttcac
    25141 atcaacatta ctgtggtata tcatgatagc tatgaggttt ggagttgact gacatggtta
    25201 ttgtagaaac ttataccata atatctatag tatgaagata tttccacaat atgcttatcc
    25261 aaaaaaattt ataacctaga gaggtatcta tgaaatatta taaagcttat catcacattt
    25321 tatactgact ttctctgaat tccctttctt atgtgttagg gctaacatat ttaagattaa
    25381 ttggtaatct agactgtctc tctaatttca tctgaagtaa agttttcatg caaaaatctt
    25441 tattgaaaat gtcccagaac taaatatggt atgttatcag ataacaagat ataaagttgt
    25501 atatgttata atacatactg gcattatatg ggaatagaca ctactctaca atgtggacat
    25561 ttatctactg ggtttgttta tcatacaaat ttacattcca gggtccacca ggccctccag
    25621 gaccccctgg ttcttctgga catcctggat ctcctgtaag tatcattctt tttggtgctt
    25681 tcttcttcat gaatatatga agcaagctaa tgcagttatg gatataaatc agccatttca
    25741 gtatccataa tcccaaccaa taaataattc actccccaac aattattagc aattaaatct
    25801 ttggtaaaat taaaatacat attacatgtg tatacaacag actttggagt ccataaccac
    25861 tcaatttcgg tgaaataaaa gaaaactaac tttattgtga tcctgaaaac ctcttaaatc
    25921 atcataaaat ataataaaat ttctgcctac atccactaac catgacttct tacaataatc
    25981 cagatgtgat ttactcatgt gaagctcttg ttacctaaat atatttacac tattcttcta
    26041 ttttagggtt ctcctggata ccaaggtccc cctggtgaac ctggtcaagc tggtccggca
    26101 gtaagtaaca cttgagaatt gctaaacaca ttgaaaattc atttcccaca tgaattctat
    26161 catcagtttc taagtcattc attgttcatc tagagtgtag attgcacaca tgcttgaatt
    26221 ttccatgaca atatagcttt ttttctgtga ggaacttgag gtgaactcaa agactttaga
    26281 gattcctgac tggttaacca ccaaaaatca tccacttccc agaaataaca aaatttccta
    26341 tctaggaaat acatgtctaa tgtttctgta gattcgtttt atatgaattc taccacaatg
    26401 cctacaaata tacatacatc tgcatagtgc agagagaaag acaagaatat ccaagaataa
    26461 tatgccatat aggtatcaaa aattaaaata aatgttattt taagacaata ttttgaaata
    26521 ttgcaaaatg tttttatatt tttgtatagt cattatctca aaatatagaa atacaaatat
    26581 aaatatacat atttagtatg acatagatac atgatattta aatatttcac taaaatttat
    26641 tcaacactaa aacttaaata taatgaaggt ataatattaa ttcagaataa ttttcatggt
    26701 gaggacagag ggatgtttca aagacacatt tgcttccaga atgcaaatat catacaacaa
    26761 gaaaatgtaa cacaaaatat tgaatatttc tgtttctatt ttcttatttc agggccctcc
    26821 aggacctcct ggtgctcttg gtccagctgg tcctgctgga aaggatgtaa gtacttataa
    26881 gttaaataga aatacagcaa cattcatgtt gaatgacaga ctgccttaaa tgtatccact
    26941 tttgaagaat cttagtaatg gaagcctctt tcaaaaaaat tgtacccaac aaacatttta
    27001 gctcatatta gaggttggga ggattcccac agcattttaa aatggatgtc ctagctcaaa
    27061 ttacctttct taagagttat gtctagcact gattagtact ttttattgct tctagggtaa
    27121 tttgatggag agtcacattc tcttactgta atgttcatta gaaatcttgt taaatttatt
    27181 caatctctga atcactgtgt gatgagatga ttgttttttt tcactttcag gatattatca
    27241 ttgcatttaa gtagtaatct ctgtgttgta ctcacaaagc tatacatcat ttgataagtt
    27301 ctatactaat agaactctca gatcgactct attttcattc caggaatggc aggatttttt
    27361 tcccttatat tctgtcacat agactccata tattaatatc atttctctat aagcataaat
    27421 ttataaatat taaatattct ccctttttgc ctatttaact tccaatggta aattcctctt
    27481 attgatttgg gaaagagctg aacatttcag gaatatgaga catttgtact atttcttcat
    27541 agagttatat caaggtagga gaagcctccc tgagttcttc tattgagaaa actggtgtca
    27601 cattgagcaa gagacactca cttgtaatct gagcactcta gaggtgtggc tgcaaggttc
    27661 aagagtacag taccagccag agttacctag ggagaatgtg tcttaaaaaa taaataatcg
    27721 aaaaaatata tgatctcaca actatacgtt cagtccaacc agattgctcc ctacttattg
    27781 cacatttgcc catacataaa cctttatata ttctttattt ctctgcctag ggagagtcag
    27841 gaagacctgg acgacctgga gagcgtggac tgcctggacc tccagtaagt cttcattaaa
    27901 taaactacct agaacataca aagtatttta attttaactt caaaaaaaaa cccaaataat
    27961 caaattaaaa taaacatcaa aataaatgca tttttatcac tgaatgttga cttgaatgtt
    28021 aattaacatc tttcccattc attactttta gggtatcaaa ggcccagctg gcatgcctgg
    28081 attccctggt atgaaaggac acagagtaag tgaccctaat cctaaccctg tattcatgaa
    28141 cttagatata atttataaat ggacagagca cttttagttt taacaaactt tagataaagt
    28201 caatccatcc aaaatctatc aaactaagaa caatatccat caaactagag tttattcttc
    28261 tatacttaag acaacttttt aatcatacta aattgaatgt tctcattagt ttctcttttt
    28321 tttgtaataa tacgttgcca aatgttcagc agttcaaaat actttacatg aattaaatta
    28381 tcactacatt agccatatat aataaaaaca gaaatgaaaa gccaatgtaa aacttactaa
    28441 ctatactgag ttgttaacaa atttaggcct ttggtcctgt gaagacttta tgcctcagtg
    28501 taggggaata ccagggacag gaagtgggag tgggtgggtt ggtgagcaag ggggtgggga
    28561 gaggatgggg aggggttgga gaggaaacca gcaaaggggg taacatttga aatgtaaata
    28621 aagaaaatat ctaataaaac aaaaaataaa aattgttttt aaaaatattt ctagggcttt
    28681 gatggacgca atggagaaaa gggagaaaca ggtgctcctg gactgaaggt aaattgcagc
    28741 acacagcgtt catgagtaaa ctcctttaga gtctggaact atgttaagat ttatcttctg
    28801 ggacctaact tggtcttaca actgttcttt tcatatagcc attgcttagc tatatgtaaa
    28861 tcttaagtct tccatgaaag ctaataacaa agaatccggc ataaaaatgt ttgtatatct
    28921 cagtgtgtct aataaacaat atgtttatcc ctcgtgcatt taaaatgcag aaactgaagt
    28981 atctgataat gaaaatcaaa ttcattcaga aatttgatat tactaaagta cacatttttc
    29041 ttagtatttt ctgtgataca atatttgtaa tgtcaaagtg tccgttgcac aaaatagtaa
    29101 cattttgcat atccctaggg tgaaaatggt cttccaggag acaacggagc tcctggcccc
    29161 atggtaatta tgtttcctct catgtgatta tcaatattag tattaaactt ccaatccgat
    29221 tgcctttctc ctttccagct gttctcacac atgtcacatt tacattaagg tcatgctttg
    29281 aattttggtt gcagggtcct agaggggctc ctggtgagcg aggacgacca ggccttcctg
    29341 gagctgcagt gagtattgcc acagtgtacc cagataaaag taggggtggt cagctcagtc
    29401 aagctttgga tgtaatgata tggaaaggaa tgtcttacaa ttgctctctc tggtcataat
    29461 tttgatggct gttgggatat tagtttcata attcattaga gcaacatatt cgcattcagt
    29521 tctaaaagcc cagaatctag tcctgataca tatcactaat gtggtgcccc aacattctaa
    29581 cactgagtct aaaaatatgt gatgagtaag caaattttaa tatatttgaa gcaaattcaa
    29641 ctcaactgag cttggattgt agttataaca ttacttgtaa ctaaactttc ataataaaat
    29701 gtttgaaacc aaacttcact ttcttttttt gtttttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttttgt
    29761 tttttgcttt tttgtttttt gtttttgttt ttgtttttgt ttttcaagac agggtttcct
    29821 ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaaccaaa cttcactttc tttttttgtt tttgtttgtt
    29881 tgtttgtttg tttttgtttt ttgctttttt gttttttgtt tttgtttttg tttttgtttt
    29941 tcaagacagg gtttcctctg tatagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg
    30001 ctggcctcca actcagaaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct gcctctgcct
    30061 ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct gcctctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct gcctctgcct
    30121 ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct gcctctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct gcctctgcct
    30181 ctgcctctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgcgtg caccaccaca cacagctcaa acttcacttt
    30241 ctatatttga gagaaattca gtttaatgat cttgaattgc agtctgatac ttttaattaa
    30301 tctttcataa gtaagaaaat attgagacaa acttctcttt gtagggtgct cgaggcaatg
    30361 atggtgctcg gggcagtgat gggcaacctg tgagtaactt tgcatctaat cctgctttgt
    30421 tctatagtgc ttagaaattt tgaattacat ttatgttata ttatattata ttatatcatt
    30481 atatagcaaa tccatactgc ttcttgatta tttttaacct tggaaatgga aacaatttgt
    30541 aggtgtcata ctaggttgac atgtacatgg catttgtgtt taatatccaa cattggacat
    30601 gccgattaaa agaaatgcaa agtagatagt gatagtatct ctaggatgta aagattacaa
    30661 aggctcagag gtaagtatcc tgtaagtcac aggattaatg aaaaagtgta taggaatact
    30721 catgttcaaa cttcagatgt aacccctttc ttatcttaca caactttgtt atgtgcaaat
    30781 tgtacgttgt ttttagggtc cccctggccc tcctggaact gcaggattcc ctggatcccc
    30841 tggtgctaag gtaagcctac agttctttag aagaatgtat aaaatagaca aaaattcatt
    30901 cgattgcttc tcagaattga ccaataaaaa taatcaaatg tacatttatt ttcatttaca
    30961 gagagcttta gagctccatt ctagtctcct ttctctctct ctcatacata atatgtgtgc
    31021 atacatatgt agtatatggc atatatagta tataatatat atcatatata tatgcataat
    31081 atattctcat tagtattgta ccatcctgat atgtcttctg agtgcttcga ctttttccaa
    31141 cgtcttttct gggaaacacc tataacatgg gcagacccat atttaccatt gtcctttgtt
    31201 gctatgatta ataatccttt gttttaacta ttgcatataa ccatagtaat atagctttag
    31261 ggaaatgagt ttaaacagag ctgaaagcta agctaagtta ttaaaaagtg gaaaggaaaa
    31321 cttacatgtt ggaatttgtc tctttagggt gaagttggac ctgcagggtc ccctggctca
    31381 aatggctcac caggacaaag aggggagcct ggaccgcagg gacatgctgg tgctcaaggg
    31441 cctcctgtaa gtagcatata agagggaatt caagctgcta gacttagtcc atccgtgcag
    31501 gttgcttaca ctaaccacca agcaggaaat aaacaaaact aaagttctct tattccttta
    31561 tttttaataa tttagaacaa gtatctatct gacttaattc atatatacac atatataggt
    31621 atatgtgtat aggtgctgtt gctagagaaa taacatattc tctgcaatac ataataccta
    31681 tcagtaaata tattctctaa acagagaact ccaaatccat gtgctctgat aatatgctct
    31741 ctcaccttgt gttcctaggg ccctcccggg aataacggca gtcctggtgg aaagggtgaa
    31801 atggtaagta agctgcccca ccctcagctc ttccttacac agaagaatta aatatttaag
    31861 ccagacagta gaaaggaagg tccacgcttt gctaatgaga gtgtttgtgt tgtttttagg
    31921 gtccagctgg cattcctgga gcccctggac taataggagc aaggggcccc cctggaccag
    31981 caggaactaa tggtataccc ggaacacgag gtccttcagt aagttcgtct ctccttcaat
    32041 gcctggaagt ttatgtttaa ctctcacaac aaaatattga cattcctttt gctccttctc
    32101 catttaagtt atccagctct ccctctagct ctatgacagt ataacatcta gctaattgtg
    32161 attttgttag tcaaatcctt gttgttttta catggagatt tcgtttcatt ttagggtgaa
    32221 cccggcaaga acggtgcgaa gggagagcca ggagcacgcg gtgaacgggt cagtattaag
    32281 ccaacaggac ttagctactc agacaactgc agagtgatga gaaagtaatg agtacgtttc
    32341 tcaacgaaat ctagtcaaaa ttctttatgt tgtcagggcg aagctggttc cccaggaatt
    32401 ccaggaccta agggcgaaga tggcaaagat ggatcacctg gagaacctgg tgcaaatggg
    32461 cttccaggag ccgcaggaga aagggtaggt ttccattttt acctgtttca ctattcattg
    32521 ggacacagta acctttgatt ttttttgtgt ttgtttgttt gtttgtgtgt ttgttgagac
    32581 agggtcttac ttataaacta ggttgccttg acctttactc tgtggctaag gctggtctca
    32641 aagtcatggc aatcctccta cctcatctgc ccctgctact tagattagag gtatgaacct
    32701 ccacaacagt ttaagacaca aggaaagcct gtaatggtga attgttttta cacaatgact
    32761 cactgaagac tggccccaaa tttagagatt ctcctaactc tgtctctcaa aagattaaac
    32821 aagcgatata aattgtgaac cacccgccct tctgtccagt gtttttcttg gcatgtttag
    32881 cttaaactta aaatctgagt gcttatttct gttttgtttg tacattttgt tgattggttt
    32941 tcctgtgatt caggatattt cactgtttag gagttttggt tttgtttttt gttttatttt
    33001 ctcagtgcta ggaactgacc ccatgatgtg ttttgtggca atgctctacc actaaattaa
    33061 ttcccacatt ctgtaatact tagtaataca agaatactat attatactta gaacttagta
    33121 atacaagaat aactatattg caacctatga agtatgaata ggttttaatc ttttaaactg
    33181 aaatatttaa ctgtgattgt ttctagggtc ctagtggctt ccgaggacct gcagggccaa
    33241 atggcatccc aggagaaaag gtaaatactt cagctcctaa aatccattac tacaaatagg
    33301 tatttctttc atatgttata ccactaatgg gagaataaat atctgaagga catgtaaccg
    33361 gataataaaa cacaaaccat caccatgtga ctctagcccc tactttgata ctttcatggc
    33421 tatctgacaa actaaatcta cttcatgcat gtcatgtcct gagtgagaag tcactaacct
    33481 cagggtcact gcaagaatta tagaaatcat ctgcacatat ggaggaagct ccaaaggaac
    33541 ttctaatcat taaatttcct taattaagtg taaaaagtag ttacttccaa ttaataatgt
    33601 tggttataag catggaaaat tcatcatagt tgcccaattt ttcttcaaga tgaaaaccaa
    33661 actaaaacag atgattttta tagatcagaa tacagcaaca caaaactgtc cttgagaggc
    33721 caaaaactcc aacagttata gattaagtat tgtcaatgtc tatgttaatc aaaaatcttt
    33781 atgacttgtt atctcacaac ttagggtcct cccggagagc gtggtggccc aggtcctgca
    33841 ggacccagag gagtagctgg agaacctggc cgagatggaa cccctggagg tccagggata
    33901 cgggtaagga gacacatttg tttgactaat gctgtaaact ggtaagaaga aagacaatac
    33961 aaataatgag aggctaaaga caacttcaca agatgatacc tttcaaaagt ctcaaagtaa
    34021 acaaaccaaa ttccttattt aaaaaaaaca aacaaataaa caaccatggg tcaagacaga
    34081 ttaaggaaga gaataaaact aaatatttga ctaggatcag tttttaagca gaaaataggg
    34141 agtacatttg caaggataca tataaacacg taaatctcaa agttgtacat gttaactatg
    34201 ttgtactttt acattttaag tcacatgact gctatacttc tcatttaggg tatgcccgga
    34261 agtccaggtg gaccaggcaa tgatggaaaa ccaggacctc ctgtatgtac aattatgatg
    34321 tcttgtttta ctaacccagt aaaaaaaaat gaaatgcata cattggatag atttgagtgt
    34381 gtgtatatgt atgtgtatta taattagatt atttgttcat caagtcctga ttatggcaag
    34441 tgtttttctt actagggaag tcaaggagaa agtggtcgcc ctggtccccc tggcccatct
    34501 ggtcccagag gtcagcctgg tgtcatgggt ttccctggtc ctaaaggaaa tgatgtaagt
    34561 tctataatta ctttcttcaa taaatatttg acagattgat ggcctttgac ctctatatga
    34621 aaatgcaaaa tcacctaata cctagcctat catttaaaca tgaaagaatg tgtgacaatt
    34681 gagcagcatg tatgaataga gacaaatata tagttggcaa tgggtgtatg tatgtgtgtg
    34741 tgtgtggctt tgcatgtgta gcaggatcaa aaaatggggt ttggactttt attagtgaat
    34801 tactttttga gtatctaaac ccttgctttt ttctttaggg tgcccctggc aagaatggag
    34861 aacggggtgg ccctggagga cctggccttc cagtatgtag ctttggttta tttctggctt
    34921 tctaatcatt tcagccatct tcagcctcaa tacttccttg ttatatgtgt taattctgtt
    34981 tccctgactg tcacttttgt agggtcctgc tggaaagaat ggggagactg gacctcaggg
    35041 tcccccagga cctactgtaa gttttcatat aattaagata gaggtagggt agagatataa
    35101 caaagtcaat aatttagaat gtatgttatc tctaccactg tgccataata tttcaccaag
    35161 cagttactag actttcttat tttattatca agttaaatgt tggcattaat tatatgttgt
    35221 attaatgtgc ttgaatatct tctatagatc aagatttccc tactcttaac atttttgcct
    35281 tttaaagtaa gcaataggcc tactgagagg tggactatag actaactagg aatgacaatt
    35341 ttacaatgga gtgtataatt gtgcttctga acctagggcc cagctggtga caagggagat
    35401 tctggacccc ctggtccaca aggattacaa gtaagagttt gttcttcaaa tgttattagt
    35461 ttttaacaga caattccata tttccttttt gtacctattt ttattacata aatatacgtc
    35521 aaaattttgt gagcaggcta catgttcatc tgaaacttaa tttttaagtt tttcttccat
    35581 cctgaaatat agcattaata gtagttttct tctattggta ttctagaatg cacatattca
    35641 tttattaaaa atgagttgaa ctcaaagagt tctatatgca catacttttc tctattatag
    35701 tgaaaactcc acatagctaa attaatctat ctttatctct tagttcatct gtatatatat
    35761 agaaaacaaa aaatatagat gtgagcacag gtttctaata tgtaactatc ctctatctgt
    35821 cactggttaa tgaatgaggc aaacattttg taccttaaaa ttatgaaaat tacgtcatta
    35881 actacctgga aaatacattt atatataaaa agctttcaca tagctgtgtt tgaagtgatc
    35941 acacacaatg taattttgtt gatttgtagg gcatacctgg taccggtggt cctccaggag
    36001 aaaatgggaa accaggtgaa ccagtaagtt gaatcttatt ttaaagaggc tatgccagtg
    36061 cctggcaaat acagaagtgg gtgcttatag tcatctattg gatggaatac agggccccta
    36121 atggaggagc tagagaaagt acccaaagaa ctgaaggggt ctgaaaccct ataggtggag
    36181 caacaatatc aactaaccag tacccccaga gctcatgtct ctagctgcat atgtagcaaa
    36241 agatggccta gtcggccatc attgggaaga gtggcccctt ggttttgaaa actttatatg
    36301 ccccaataca ggggaacatc agggccatga agtgggagtg ggttggtagg ggagcagggc
    36361 aggggagggt acaggggact tttgggatag cacttgaaat gtaaatgaag aaaatatcta
    36421 ataaaaaaat tggaaaaaca tagcaactaa gtgaaaaata tcaaaattca tttatctatt
    36481 attagctttg tatgttctaa tagctaagtt tttattgtgt agatcaatcg gtacagtgat
    36541 tgctagcatg catgaaacac ttggtgaggc ctctagcaca gtataaacca aatgtcggcc
    36601 tgtcttctca gtctctttgg ggaggaaggc agcagcatta tcggaagttc aagatcaccc
    36661 ttggctgaat gtgtctgagg tgcatgagac cctgtcacag aaataacaac caagcaaaca
    36721 tgagttactc ataatgccac ttacaaaacg tttatatttt atataaaaga acagaattaa
    36781 gatgcatagc ttcataattt aaacaattgc acaatataga ggcatgacag acgtcaatgt
    36841 tgtttatacc tgtgcagtgc atactgacaa atgcttacca tacataatgt tgacctccta
    36901 gggtccaaag ggtgaagtcg gtgctcctgg agctcctgga ggcaaggtaa tttctttacc
    36961 tttttaccat gttatggagc aacttgatta gagaaaaaat tttaagtaca ttgaactaaa
    37021 gggttctttg cttagaaaaa ttagattccc aatgtttagt acatccatgt aagcaaacgg
    37081 catgcacttc cagtgcatta attttgctcc atttgaatat tctaacatta caaagcacca
    37141 cagactgtgc catcaagggg aaagacaggt gatgtatggc ttccctacag agaactctcc
    37201 tggtggcaga agcacaaact ttatctctct gaataataac agtaattact ttaaagacat
    37261 gtctagttta accaggagaa atacacattt cattttgcta ggctttttac aagattcctg
    37321 ttctcaaaca ataaattaaa gttttatact cataaaattt gcaaaactat taaaatttct
    37381 aacttcaaaa ccttattaga cataatcaaa actacataat ttccagtgct tttcttttct
    37441 gacaatgtgc ttctaatatg gacattatat ttccaatgat agggtgattc tggtgcacct
    37501 ggagaacgtg ggcctcctgg aacagcagga atccctggtg ctagaggtgg agctggaccc
    37561 cctggccctg agggaggaaa ggtaactgta gttgctgatt cccgtaaata ttagagaatg
    37621 cacttcaatt gctttcttgt catttgccat gtatttcttc attgcagggc cctgctggtc
    37681 cccctggccc tcctggtgct tctggttctc ctggtctgca agggatgcca ggggaaagag
    37741 gaggtcctgg aagtcctggc ccaaagggtg aaaaggtgct tatagctgca tatgtatcaa
    37801 aagatggcct agtcggccat cactggaaag agaggcccat tggacacgca aactttatat
    37861 gccccagtac aggggaacgc cagggccaaa aaagggggag tgggtgggta ggggattggg
    37921 ggtgggtggg tatgggggac ttttggtata gcactggaaa tgta